Surebets is a type of betting strategy that is designed to guarantee profits for punters by taking advantage of the differences in the odds. When applied the right way, surebets betting strategy can bring you significant profits on a consistent basis. In the world of football betting, there are two types of surebet betting strategies that are popular; statistical surebets and real surebets (Arbitrage betting). In this article, we explain further on the two types of surebets. We also give you tips on the best surebet betting strategies you can apply to guarantee maximum profits when you bet.

Surebet strategy

Types of Surebets

Statistical Sure bets

Statistical surebets strategy relies on empirical data to bet on outcomes that are almost certain to happen. The probability of such outcomes is usually very high, about 85% – 95% so when you bet on them you are guaranteed to win almost every time. Statistical surebets still carry some level of risk and on rare occasions may not happen as expected. Nevertheless, if you apply this betting strategy properly, you can return some handsome profits from your betting activities.

Since there is a very high possibility of surebet outcomes, the markets carry relatively low odds. In football betting, most surebet odds are below 1.15 odds. This is because even the bookmakers recognize that the outcome is almost guaranteed, even though there are usually significant variations in the odds offered by different betting sites. As part of your surebet betting strategy, we recommend that you identify a bookmaker that will give you high odds for your selected surebet market. You can read our bookmaker reviews to learn more about various offers from the leading betting sites in your country.

Example: Bayern Munich vs Greuther Fuerth

  • Bayern Win – odds 1.13 – likelihood for this outcome is 88.5% (1/1.15*100)
  • Draw – odds 8.50 – likelihood is 11.76%
  • Greuther Win – 15.00 – likelihood is 6.67%

Going into such a game, the information and statistics will show you why it is almost guaranteed that Bayern Munich will win this game:

Bayern are on a winning streak of 7 games while Greuther have lost all their last 5 games

Bayern have won all 4 previous head-to-head encounters against Greuther

Bayern average 3.25 goals per game while Greuther average 0.60 goals per game in their last 5 games respectively.

Bayern are unbeaten at home stretching back 27 games

In-form Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski has scored 8 goals in the last 5 games

All this information indicate that Bayern Win is a statistical surebet that is kind of guaranteed to win and you can confidently place your bet on it. Statistical surebets are not limited to just 1X2 markets, but can be on any bet market as long as there is a high possibility of the outcome happening. In the example given, other potential statistical surebets include; Bayern Over 1.5 Goals and Lewandowski to Score.

If you are able to identify several such games with statistical surebet outcomes, you may get a substantial cumulative return on your betting activities.

Suggested Bookies for Sure Bets

Real surebets

As the name suggests, real surebets are fully guaranteed to return you a profit because you don’t lose regardless of the final outcome of the event. It is also called arbitrage betting because it involves betting on different, often opposite outcomes of the same event and you end up gaining a profit either way. The advantage comes in the variation of odds offered by various bookmakers. You can bet on one outcome with the first bookmaker and the opposite outcome with another bookmaker, and the difference in the odds will guarantee that either outcome will cover the lost bet and still leave you with a profit. The yield from real surebets of often low due to the low odds, but you can build a string of surebet wins to give you significant returns in the end.

With real surebets, the aim is to ensure that each single outcome you bet on will bring winnings that exceed all the amount you have invested on different outcomes for the same match.

Precondition to play sure bets is you need to register various betting accounts! In this case we suggest you to read some of our bookmaker tests like our Betway review or the 22Bet review

Examples on how surebets work:

Example 1: Two-way bet

  • Bookie 1: Odds for Over 2.5 Goals is 2.15
  • Bookie 2: Odds for Under 2.5 Goals is 1.95

Using $100 as stake for surebet, this is how you can do it:

A stake of $47.56 on Over 2.5 Goals at odds 2.15 will return $102.25

On the other side, you stake $52.44 on Under 2.5 Goals at odds 1.95 you will return $102.60

Regardless of the final outcome, you will win more than the $100 that you have staked on the two outcomes.

Surebet calculator 2-way

Example 2: Three-way bets

It is possible to place a real surebet on three possible outcomes of a match, such as 1X2 bets. It is still based on the principle of odds variations from different bookmakers:

  • Bookie 1: Team A Win at 1.30 odds
  • Bookie 2: Draw at 8.00 odds
  • Bookie 3: Team B Win at 14.00 odds

With a stake of $100 here is how you bet:

Place $79.66 on Team A Win at 1.30 odds to return $103.56

Place $12.94 on a Draw at odds 8.00 to return $103.52

Place $7.40 on Team B Win at odds 14.00 to return $103.60

As you can see, any of the three outcomes would give you more money than the total $100 you have staked.

Surebet calculator 3-way


Surebets betting strategy can bring you substantial returns if you are patient and willing to search for odds variations among different bookmakers. Nevertheless, surebets are not easy to come by and the window of opportunity may close quickly. The odds from different bookmakers are always changing and the opportunity to take advantage of odds discrepancies may be lost before you take advantage.

Hence, it is advisable to confirm the latest odds directly from the bookmaker before you place any surebets tips. If you find any surebets opportunity, you should move quickly to place your bets before the odds change again. Since you are relying on odds variations from various bookies, you will need to open betting accounts with several different bookies and keep them all active.

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