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Which Countries do we cover?

Our editors provide necessary information about the various indices to consider when users are searching for the best bookmakers in; Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Uganda.

Meet our editors         

Here, you will find everything you need to know about our editors who will be generating all the information required to help African bettors make informed betting decisions.  

Our editors use their knowledge, experience, passion for betting to research, analyze, and help you sort through the difficulties you might encounter in your betting journey.

Name: Timoth

Nick Name: TM

Nationality: Tanzanian

Age: 33

Occupation: Sports Journalist

Betting Career: 4 Years

Being raised in Temeke Dar es salaam, the district where the biggest international stadium (Benjamin Mkapa National Stadium) in Tanzania is located, helped develop Timoth’s interest in sports, especially football. He grew up loving every part of the game, from a young age, watching opportunity top local rivals like Simba and Yanga. Manchester United and Paris Saint Germain are his clubs. While for international teams he supports the Tanzanian National team, Taifa Stars but his favorite one is Brazil. His favorite footballers of all times are Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi.

He loves to give more than receive as it has multiplier effects to the later that is why giving the right information has become a good habit for him at betting sites Africa.

Name: Oloruntoba

Nick Name: Tobson

Country: Nigeria

Age: 32

Occupation:  Broadcast Journalist

Betting Career: 5 Years

Nigeria’s position as one of Africa’s football powerhouse is never in doubt. The thrills and excitement brought by the Super Eagles and local teams like Shooting Stars and Rangers all contributed to Oloruntoba’s love for the beautiful game. With over 6 years experience in Sports presentation, news analysis and reportage, Oloruntoba has acquired the skills needed to steer through the rapidly growing betting industry in Africa. He hopes to help new and emerging bettors find their way in the highly competitive betting market.

Name: Hardi

Nickname: Magzy

Age: 30

Nationality: Ghanaian

Occupation: Sports Marketing

Betting Career: For 9 years

Growing up in the northern part of Ghana, Tamale, playing football was the major sports amongs children and Hardi wasn’t left out. It got serious when he moved to Accra, the pinnacle of sports activities in Ghana. He had high hopes of becoming a professional footballer, but unfortunately, he had to focus on education as his parents advised. However, over the years, his passion for the game has groomed him into a football analyst at the local level in Ghana. Hardi had the opportunity to manage betting shops for accredited betting companies in Ghana which gave him tremendous experience in football betting. Indeed, he has benefited a lot from betting, and he is hoping to help you through your betting journey with the best bookies and excellent predictions.

Name: Ademola

Nick Name: Ademola

Country: Nigeria

Age: 30

Occupation:  Sports Journalist

Betting Career: 7 Years

Ademola has always been a football lover since when he could differentiate between left and right. Growing up, he had dreams of becoming a pro footballer, but he had to choose between football and education. He chose the latter, but the lure of football never went and he circled back and found himself starting a career in sports journalism.

As a proud Nigerian, he is an avid supporter of the Super Eagles and 7 times Nigerian champions, Enyimba. Ademola’s job as a sports journo is intertwined with sports betting and he has been betting recreationally in the better part of the last decade. He hopes to help you in your search for the best betting sites, using his years of experience.

Name: Felix

Nick Name: Felo

Country: Kenya

Age: 32

Occupation:  Sports Journalist

Betting Career: 6 Years

Felix is an ardent football lover and Sports marketing enthusiasts with an interest in serving bettors in Africa with contents that will help them clinch high profit margin. His love for football was further developed by the digital revolution in Kenya which made major matches accessible to many people there. Through his, he carved a niche for himself in sports journalism, which has in turn equipped him with the knowledge and experience required to be a tipster and editor.

Name: Edwin

Nick Name: Kryptonite

Country: Kenya

Age: 34
Occupation:  Sports Marketing

Betting Career: 5 Years

With over eight years experience in sports marketing, Edwin believes part of betting responsibly involves being able to back up your tips with evidence in the form of stats and analysis. Hence, through proper research and analysis, he is willing to do the entire difficult job to ensure a picture perfect betting experience for users across Africa

Name: Abner

Nick Name: Njugush

Country: Kenya

Age: 40
Occupation:  Sports Marketing

Betting Career: 10 Years
Njugush the Punter is a Kenyan writer and sports betting expert with close to 10 years’ experience working in the sports betting industry in Kenya.
Over the years Njugush has built up an extensive body of work which includes analysis of betting patterns in Kenya, the existing regulatory framework governing the industry and extensive reviews of all the major players operating in the Kenyan betting industry. Njugush is a mainstay here at BSA and followers will find his work intriguing and insight

Name: Ray

Ray is the newest guy in our team of sports betting enthusiasts. He is still young, but knows what he’s talking and writing about.

In case you need further information or have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email to [email protected]