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Sportstake 13

Sportstake 13 is a football jackpot competition organized by the South Africa National Lottery. Players are expected to predict the outcome of 13 featured matches for a chance to win the jackpot. The results to be predicted are basically 1×2 outcomes.

The matches featured are drawn from various well-known leagues and other recognized leagues and competitions around the world and all you have to do is to forecast the results of the selected matches.

There are two pools of games available in a week. Players have the chance to play the midweek games and or the weekend games. The draws for the prizes take place on Monday and Friday each week with results made available online.

Sportstake 13 pre selected games

How to play Sportstake 13

To play SportStake 13 you can use either the Bet slip or Propick option. To get started, we will itemize how to play with the Bet slip below:

  • To play, you need to enter by obtaining the applicable fixture list  SportStake 13 and completing it by predicting your outcome for each of the 13 pre-determined featured matches.
  • Mark your predictions in the applicable tick box for each relevant fixture using a pencil or a black pen. (1) denotes a Home win, (x) is for a Draw and (2) denotes a win for the away side. If you make a mistake, mark the β€˜Cancel Box’.
  • Take your bet slip and proceed to a teller at an approved lottery agent or retailer to make your payment.
  • You will receive a receipt from the Teller with all your chosen numbers.
  • Write your name on the back of the receipt.
  • Draws are conducted on Mondays and Fridays before 9:00 am. Results and winnings are made available online and by an authorized agent.
  • Find out more about betting with a strategy on our dedicated site Football betting strategies

Playing with the Propick option

Instead of making the selections yourself, you can let an automated computer system known as “Propick” make the selections on your behalf. No input from you is required and it can be done online or at a retail shop. Below are the following steps to play via Propick:

  1. Pick the board you wish to play with. For instance, Propick boards 4 or 8 or 16 etc.
  2. The Propick selections are displayed in a green box on the bet slip and from your National Electronic Wallet.
  3. You can also use Propick directly from a retailer.
Sportstake 13 Result

Sportstake 13 Prizes

There are four divisions for the prize pool, but it varies from time to time due to the number of winners in a pool or rollovers.

30% of the prize is allocated to Division 1

15% of the total prize is designated for winners in Division 2

20% is allocated to Division 3 winners

35% is the highest allocation for Division 4 of the total prize pool is reserved for winners in this category. This is because this Division usually have the highest number of winners.

Usually, if there is one winner in Division, the player can expect a sum of R350,000.

What else do you need to know?

  • You can select single or multiple outcomes for each fixture.
  • A valid wager must contain at least one selection per fixture.
  • The minimum wagering amount is R2 vat included.
  • The maximum wager per bet slip is R2000
  • There is no multi-draw option.
  • Only the final score of 90 minutes is considered for SportStake 13 fixtures.
  • Players can decide to hedge a fixture or two for increased chances of winning. For instance, a participant can choose either of the two teams in a particular line to win by checking the (1) and (2) Boxes. This gives the player extra entry into the draw but the cost will be multiplied by the R2 stake making the cost R4.
  • A player can also choose to have two entries for as many lines as possible. For instance, if you want two possible outcomes for 6 of the 13 fixtures the cost will be R2x2x2x2x2x2 = R64.

Why is SportStake 13 popular?

Sportstake 13 is heavily promoted by the National Lottery. Additionally, it is very easy to play, cost-effective and there is always something to win even if you don’t get the outcome of the 13 featured matches correctly. Unlike in a Multibet where every selection or leg of your bet must come through.

If you are interested in other Jackpot predictions and offers from other bookmakers, you can find more information on our Homepage for the best betting sites in Africa.

Terms and conditions 

  1. No player or retailer shall enter into any special for an entry into the draw outside the method prescribed by the organizers.
  2. A ticket may be cancelled if it is issued in error, illegible or incomplete.
  3. It is the responsibility of the players to ensure that a valid ticket is issued to them at the time of obtaining the ticket.
  4. The participant shall be responsible for the safe custody of any National Lottery ticket. Failure to produce a valid winning ticket may result in refusal to pay winnings.
  5. For all the National Prizes Games, prizes must be claimed within the ordinary hours of business of the relevant establishment authorized by law to pay prizes.
  6. Cash prizes of up to R50 are payable by all retailers. Retailers also have the discretion to pay up to R2000 in cash.
  7. A prize claim form should be completed by a claimant who have won R50,000 or greater.

Our Verdict 

The SportStake 13 is popular within the betting sphere in South Africa for some reasons. The affordability and a chance to win even if you don’t get all your predictions correctly make it a very good choice for Punters and we are not surprised with its rising popularity.

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