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Navigator is a new crash game from Premierbet. Most other bookmakers use the Aviator, developed by Spribe. Premierbet developed their own game, named Navigator. It appeared on the Premier Bet website in March 2023 and immediately gained great popularity among players. Let’s talk in more detail about this slot.

Premierbet Navigator game teaser

What is the Navigator Game?

Navigator is a simple crash game with an airplane. If you have ever played Aviator, you will find Navigator very easy to play. They are very similar to each other. Navigator has an RTP of 97%, promising good winning chances. This game is available at Premier Bet and Premier Vegas.

The visual design is done in dark colors. A red airplane with a propeller at the front takes off against a black background and rises higher and higher with each passing second. The sound effects are pleasant, one might say a bit cosmic. The background music doesn’t bore you, but complements the entire gameplay. And it’s great that the sounds are not intrusive, but create a relaxing atmosphere, although you probably can’t relax with crash games πŸ™‚

Navigator is suitable for both beginners and experienced players. Simple rules allow you to quickly get the hang of it and win money quickly.

For those who like trying their luck at the Casino we have prepared a detailed Online Casino Games section.

Where to find Navigator at Premierbet?

The Navigotor Game can be found very easy on the Premierbet website – it has a dedicated button on the Premierbet Homepage and on all subsites at the TOP!

How Navigator looks like at Premierbet

How to play Navigator?

The game Navigator is easy to learn. As mentioned before, it is very similar to Aviator. The rules are the same. So, if you have already played Aviator, congratulations – you know all the rules! Well, for beginners, we will help you understand the rules step by step:

  1. Start your bet: place your bets before the start of the round. Choose an amount and click “Bet”
  2. Start of the game: The plane begins to take off. The payout chances increase with the height achieved
  3. Cash Out: You can withdraw your bet at any time at the current odds. Click Cash Out in time
  4. Crash: Suddenly, the plane can crash. If you don’t cash out in time, your bet is lost
  5. Winning: If you withdraw before the crash, you win at the current odds

Navigator Demo Modus

Unfortunately the demo mode for the Navigator game at Premier Bet is not yet available. But to practice the rules you can play a demo version of Aviator in any other online casino as it is very similar to Aviator!

How to play Navigator to win – Strategy!

  • Make sure to grab your bonus before you register at Premierbet – take a look on our betting sites with registration bonus
  • Place two bets simultaneously: One way to increase your chances of winning is to place two bets at the same time. This way, you can control the risk by entering the first bet with a lower multiplier, and the second bet by taking a higher risk and expecting higher odds.
  • Use the Martingale method: With this strategy, you increase your bet after each loss. This way, you can make up for all previous losses with one win and earn a small profit. But to be honest, we do not recommend this strategy for people with a low budget. Only for those who can afford to lose.
  • Keep an eye on statistics: Watch the results of your previous rounds and analyze the behavior of the multiplier. This will help you recognize the overall trend and choose the best time for your bets.
  • Determine your exit strategy: Decide in advance at which multiplier you want to cash out and stick to that decision. This way, you avoid taking too much risk and preserve your budget.

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