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Ofa ya €1,000,000 1win Aviatrix

It is time to transform your aircraft flying skills into a money-making campaign. 1Win is bringing to you the Aviatrix crash game where you get a chance to enter into a draw to win a share of €1,000,000 cash prizes. The sky is the limit, so master the skills of flying the plane and fly higher to reach new heights and become among the lucky winners of this amazing campaign. Your chances to win are highly influenced by the number of points collected. Every day there will be a winner of the prizes who are to be picked randomly in different stages of the promotion until the end of the offer on 30th November 2023 (22:00 UTC +3)

1win €1,000,000 in aviatrix offer

Mind you, the one who manages to fly higher collects more points than others hence it is important that you learn how to play aviator game before you choose to participate in this offer. We shall walk you through every detail you need to know to engage in this campaign, just scroll down this page for more.

This offer is available in the following African countries:

  • 🇬🇭 Ghana
  • 🇳🇬 Nigeria
  • 🇰🇪 Kenya
  • 🇹🇿 Tanzania
  • 🇺🇬 Uganda
  • 🇿🇲 Zambia

How to win

In order to win follow the following simple steps and you are good to start flying the Aviatrix:

  • Create a new account at 1Win and log in. Remember to claim the welcome offer as 1win is among the betting sites with registration bonus
  • Go to the promotion page look out for the “€1,000,000 Aviatrix” promo and tap the banner
  • At the €1,000,000 Aviatrix page click on “FLY” button to start participating
  • You will be redirected straight to the “1Win Aviatrix” online game for you to start to play
  • Collect more points by flying higher to stay ahead of everyone on leader board

However, you must fund you account before you start to play as this game require a real cash.


The tournament has a prize pool of €1,000,000, and rewards will be distributed in two phases, daily at 22:00 UTC+3 in two consecutive stages as stated below:

  • Stage 1: Wager with your NFT aircraft within a day is the first step.
  • Stage 2: Collecting the prize you received for finishing the first stage is the second step.

The bet your place with NFT aircraft will give you points that are equal to the bet you place and will be added up and depicted on leader board.

Stage 1

  • Random selection of 25% of the eligible NFT aircraft will be selected winners of the daily tournament and can move to stage 2

Collect more tickets to be among the top 25% in the leader board. The minimum wager is equal to 1 ticket with reference to €1 = 10 points

For instance:

If a you bet with €0.10 in a one-day tournament, this will be their minimum turnover, i.e. one ticket. If the same player bets €10 during the tournament, the number of tickets will be 100, as €10 is 100 bets of €0.10.

The player’s probability of ranking among the top 25% of finishers in the first stage will significantly rise as an outcome of more points collected during flying the NFT aircraft

Stage 2

The second stage is easy one. At this stage all the players will be rewarded their prizes according to the total amount of bet. The higher the amount the bigger the prize.

For instance:

If there are 3 winners in a daily tournament and the available prize pool is €1,000. Collected betting point percentages are based on the total amount of experience earned by the daily tournament winners.

Let us say: Plane 1 has gained 1,000 points; this is 2%, so the player gets €20. Plane 2 has gained 14,000 points, that’s 28%, so the player gets €280. Plane 3 has gained 35,000 points, that’s 70%, so the player gets €700.

Finally, you prize will be automatically credited in your account after you have click the “Claim the Prize” button

Terms and conditions

Here are the rules for participating in this offer:

  • In order to enter into the tournament you must place bet on the Aviatrix tournament game – here is how to play with 1Win Aviator
  • Points will be added up after the talling the tournament results
  • For levelled points, the one who score first will be considered
  • Tournament participation is strictly for one user per one account else the user will be disqualified
  • User can use unlimited number of NFT planes to participate
  • A win can be cancelled if there cheating, collusion with other players or any technical malfunctions
  • Your participation in this tournament automatically means you accepted the terms and conditions of this campaign
  • 1Win has right to modify, amend, suspend or terminate the tournament at any time for any reason


The prize pool is all yours, just master the skills of flying NFT aircraft and the reward can be very promising to any 1win client. We remind you to comply with the rules of the game to get it all from 1win online casino. Keep visiting our page for more online casino games.

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