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Mybet.Africa Loyalty Jackpot

What’s better than a jackpot? A jackpot with a built-in loyalty program. With Mybet.Africa Virtual Loyalty Jackpot, you can bet on your favorite virtual sports to win up to GHS 300 or even more. There are four levels to scale through and each one has a benefit enough to put a smile on your face!

The offer is built around a system of money building up in a player’s piggy bank. The amount of money accumulated in a player’s piggy bank will depend on how much money is being staked; the larger the stake, the bigger the contribution to their loyalty jackpot and the higher the amount accumulated in each player’s piggy bank.

Mybet.Africa loyalty jackpot program

How to take part

  • Register and log into your Mybet.Africa betting account
  • Deposit any amount to start betting on their sportsbook
  • Click on Virtual on the top bar of the homepage
  • Wager on any of their virtual games and you will be saving a percentage of your stake in your piggy bank. Take advantage of Mybet bonus in your accumulator bets to maximize your wins
  • The more you bet on their virtual sports, the more the money in your piggy bank increases
  • Wager more to move through the levels
  • For every level, you rip an amount of cash prize proportional to your loyalty in consistently betting on the virtual sports

This mouthwatering jackpot offer is available in the following country:

  • Ghana – πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­

How it works

The virtual loyalty jackpot is a unique jackpot. There are four levels: Base, Silver, Gold and Platinum, and each level provide prizes specific to each user or participant.

  • Base Level: The winning wager must total GHS 400 in order to get a prize which is GHS 5. Moving on to the next stage requires a turnover of GHS 800. You are expected to wager at least once every 10 days to avoid loosing your level
  • Silver Level: The winning wager must be GHS 1142.86 in order to be eligible for GHS 20 prize. You will need a turnover amount of GHS 3428.57. You are expected to bet at least once very 7 days to keep your stage
  • Gold Level: The prize awarded is GHS 100 when you reach a total stake of GHS 4,444.44. You need a turnover amount of GHS 22,222.22 and make sure to stake a bet every 5 days to maintain your stage
  • Platinum Level: The ultimate prize awarded is GHS 300 when you make a total bet stake of GHS 12,000. Wager at least a bet every 3 days to keep being in this stage

For additional in-depth information on all aspects Mybet’s activities, we urge you to read our assessment of Mybet Africa betting site review.

Terms and conditions

  • You must have an active Mybet.Africa betting account to participate
  • This is an individual jackpot meant for each customer
  • The jackpot is applicable only to virtual sports betting games
  • You must keep betting to maintain your current level or risk dropping from that level
  • The bookmaker reserve the right to deny a customer if suspected of any abuse

Our verdict

Are you a loyal Mybet.Africa customer? If so, then you are in luck! Because they are one of the few betting sites that believes that loyalty should be rewarded. The Mybet.Africa loyalty jackpot is one of the latest Mega jackpot predictions in the industry which can earn you a grand prize. Just play your favorite games at the virtual sports section and keep an eye on your level, they will let you know when it’s time to level up!

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