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Mozzartbet Lucky Supa 6 Game

Mozzart Lucky Super 6 is a chance game that uses an independent mechanism to produce random occurrences, giving it a more trustworthy betting alternative. One must select six numbers from 1 to 48, and if you correctly estimate all six, you win. The game generates 35 numbers every round, which takes 5 minutes.

The pricing for the Mozzart Lucky Super 6 game are highly favorable, with odds reaching up to 25,000 and a maximum payout of  lucrative amount of KES 10,000,000.

The incredible thing about the Mozzart Lucky Super 6 game is, you may win many jackpots and other fantastic prizes by picking various betting markets, such as;

  • The first ball’s color
  • The first even/odd number
  • The first number above or below any specified margin
  • The total of the first five numbers Over/Under any specified margin
Mozzartbet Kenya Lucky Supa 6

This competition is open to Mozzartbet customers in:

  • Kenya πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ
  • Ghana – πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­

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Lucky Supa 6 Jackpot Bonuses

Before the draw begins in each round of the game, three bonus symbols in the shape of asterisks emerge at random on three spots between the 6th and 35th numbers. This feature is crucial because if you successfully predict six numbers and one of them has an asterisk, your rewards will be doubled. If two asterisks appear among your six guessed numbers, your earnings are tripled; if all three asterisks appear among your chosen numbers, your winnings are quadrupled.

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How to participate in Mozzartbet Lucky Supa 6

Participating in this promotion is very simple:

  • Log into your Mozzartbet account
  • Go to Lucky Supa 6 section
  • Place a minimum of KES 50 to play the game and enter the competition
  • choose your 6 lucky numbers 1-48. The system draws 35 winning numbers from 1-48.
  • To win, all six of your fortunate numbers must appear in the draw
  • The chances of your ticket are determined by the last fortunate number drawn

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Our Verdict

Mozzartbet undoubtedly understands how to entice users with a diverse range of products. Mozzartbet is giving you the chance to win up to KES 10,000,000 in the Mozzart Lucky Super 6. In addition, there are highly attractive bonuses and a number of different other markets you may play in the Lucky Super 6.
This is a simple and entertaining approach to keep winning big. Therefore, get on board and take benefit of this offering.

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