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Betway Pick 5 Jackpot

Football leagues around the world is getting competitive and interesting as the season rolls by, and Betway Ghana, the most recognizable and established online betting site in Ghana, is really going all out to please football fans and punters alike with the offering of yet another large pay-out, this time in a more traditional 5 matches format, the Betway Pick 5 Jackpot.

Betway pick5 Jackpot

The Betway Pick 5 Jackpot is a weekly reward which requires a straight home win, draw and away win prediction strategy, meaning you have to accurately predict the outcome of the 5 matches to stand the chance to win a share of the grand prize of GHS 25000.00.

Generously as they are, you get a consolation prize with 4 or 3 correctly predicted matches amongst the 5 matches.

What is also good about Betway Pick 5 Jackpot is that, Betway has made available a feature called the “Random Pick Button” for you if you are stuck with the selections to make. Since there are no guarantees in betting, you might as well win thousands after using this feature. You can start with one line of bet which will cost you GHS 10 to stake, or you increase the lines of bet which reduces the risk but increases the amount of stake.

This offer is open to all new and existing customers. You can find the Betway Pick 5 Jackpot by clicking on the “Promotion button” on the space bar at the Betway website homepage. A list of 5 upcoming football matches are featured in the Betway Pick 5 Jackpot every week for you to put your football predictions to the ultimate test.

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Terms & Conditions

Here is a summary of the terms and conditions that apply to the Betway Pick 5 Jackpot offer.

  • A valid Betway account is required to participate in the promotion
  • In order to win a share of the grand prize, players must correctly predict the outcome/result of all the five Pick 5 matches
  • The grand prize is a shared prize and will be divided equally among all qualifying winners
  • A consolation prize will be awarded to players who correctly predict 4 out of 5 or 3 out of 5 results
  • Consolation prizes are not shared prizes
  • Betway may require the winners to complete and submit an information disclosure agreement to enable Betway to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions
  • The prize is not transferable
  • The winners image maybe used for promotional purposes
  • All participants, participate at their own risk
  • Standard participation requirements and Terms and Conditions apply

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Betway Pick 5 Jackpot is an exceptionally efficient choice for fans of football which dominate their promotional page, and I would personally recommend it to any serious player to have a taste of it. The presence of this bonus has made Betway a one-stop-shop for football betting. I choose to rate Betway’s Pick 5 Jackpot for Ghanaian players a 5 star out of 5.

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