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Betway Multibet Win Boost

Imagine, a bet slip win amount has been increased up to 100% from the original amount. This means a dream come true to punters as Betway is adding a boosting bonus amount under the condition that each match has 1.2 or more odds from your multi-bet betslip. The more matches you have in your bet slip, the higher the boosting percentage is awarded to the punter(s). Once you win, your boosted cash is deposited instantly.

Betway 100% Win Boost

How to get boosted?

The minimum number of games per betslip is 5 games yet you can add more games to receive more boost. At 5 legs you can get a 5% win boost, then as you add an extra 1 leg the winning boost is increased by 5% until 24 legs which marked a 100% win boost.

The 100% win boost is awarded from 24 games to 30 games. 31 matches receive a 105% win boost while any extra matches from 31 earn an extra 5%. The maximum win boost is a 150% win boost which marks a ticket of 40 games.

NOTE: This is valid for cash bets only. Terms and conditions apply

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Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions in summary.

  • Only registered Betway user are considered for this promotion.
  • The minimum boosted is 5% which has five matches. When you add one match to a ticket the boost increment by 5% until it reaches 100%. Only tickets with more events are receiving highest win boost.
  • Each game in the your multibet slip are required to have 1.2 minimum odds .
  • The games with minimum required odds are the one which are being counted while the matches below 1.2 odds are skipped during the counting.
  • If you win the boosted amount will be directly deposited to your account.
  • Single Bets, Outright and Tournament bets are automatically disqualified from boosted winnings.
  • In case you select a betting markets which might cause your stake to be returned or generate a partial win are excluded from boost winnings Example is Draw No Bet markets.
  • In case the selections are cancelled or voided, then the remaining qualifying selections will be eligible for the Win Boost. Remember the remaining must have the minimum odds and number of bets required to be awarded a Win Boost. The actual boost awarded can therefore be different to the boost amount stated in the original betslip.
  • All the win boost are automatically shown in your betslip once customer has won. No win boost implies you do not qualify for it. No manual adding of boosts will be done.
  • All cashed out tickets are automatically disqualified from win boost.
  • Betway monitor all posibility of cheating and irregularities, any customer who might be dishonest and violate the terms and conditions are subjected to dismissal from promotion.
  • All entries from disqualified participants’ cellphone numbers will be rejected.

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Final Verdict

Be the top paid betway customer by having more than 30 games in your multi-bet bet-slip to receive the 100% win boost or even more. Anyone having a Betway account is allowed to accumulate an unlimited number of tickets in his/her account. Please refer to the listed terms and conditions to get more insight into this offer.

The games which do not meet the terms and conditions will not affect the remaining games in your multi bet betslip hence counting will be considered for the rest of the qualified legs only.

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