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Betway Book A Bet Offer

Betway is one the top bookmakers operating across Africa and they are taking steps to ensure that their customers enjoy all round betting experience.
In this regard, Betway has introduced the Book-A-Bet feature as part of their offering.
With the new Book a bet feature, you can make selections into a bet slip and place the bet later. You can also share the booked bet slip with your friends and family to place the same bet with your unique code.

Book A Bet Feature on Betway

How does it work?

First you have to generate a unique book a bet code which you can use later and also share with other people.
There are two simple ways to generate the code. You can use any of the options below:

Option 1: 

  • On your bet slip, select Multi bet
  • Add your selections 
  • Click on Bet now
  • You will get a successful Bet confirmation code
  • You will be able to share your code via WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, SMS and email
  • You cans share you booking code at any time from your Open Bets page by clicking on the green share arrow at the top of each bet

You will need an in depth knowledge of multi bets and we have done the heavy lifting by explaining what accumulator betting strategy entails.

Option 2

  • On your Bet slip select Multi bet
  • Add your selections
  • Click on Book. This allows you to generate a booking code without placing a bet
  • You’ll see a pop up with your unique booking code
  • You can share your code through WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, SMS and email6. If you have this option, you will have to remember your booking code, as you will not be able to access it again after the pop up is closed

Beyond this offer, there are several other offers from this bookie. You can learn more by reading our concise Betway sports betting review.

How to use a Booking Code?

To use a booking code, you have to follow the steps highlighted below:

  • On your Bet slip, select Multi Bet
  • Type the Booking Code into the Search Bar
  • Your Bet slip will be automatically loaded with the associated bet
  • Your Bet slip is flexible for change and you can add or remove selections or events

What event is Book A Bet Available for?

The Betway Book a Bet feature is available only for Pre-match events. If a Booking Code contains an event that is already live, such game will no longer be part of the Bet, as it will display events that are yet to start.

Terms and Conditions

  • A Booking Code can only be generated from the Multi Bet tab
  • Bet slips generated through a Booking Code are flexible. They can be edited which includes addition, removal of events or selections 
  • Book A bet is only available for Pre-match events
  • Selections or events that are already live will not be displayed

Final Verdict

The Betway Book a bet feature is such a useful and innovative addition to the stable of Betway. Punters who are always busy can use this feature and make selections at their spare time to be placed later.
Additionally, you don’t have to be in a hurry to place bets with some of your preferred events on the verge of starting.

You can also share your Bet slip with your friends and family.

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