A system bet is a type of bet that requires a few selections or events to land in order to win your bet. In other words, you do not need all your selections to win or return as predicted for you to land a winner.

This bet types are popular because, unlike the accumulator or Multi bet where you lose your bet if one or more of your selections fails. The chances of winning with a system bet is way higher, when compared to an accumulator or multi bet.

In this article, we will provide a precise explanation of system bets and how to place a system bet and the different types.

Systembet strategy

How does a system bet work?

This type of bets is an advancement on accumulator bets. Essentially, with a system bet, you are placing a wager on multiple bets with or a combination of bets on multiple events. However, your stake is multiplied by the number of bets in your combination.

Before a system bet is placed, you need to understand how many events you have to bet on and how many selections have to win to make a profit. Then, you will an idea of the bet combination needed. Remember, all your selections do not have to win to get a return.

For example, you can have two of three bets (2/3), two of four (2/4), three of five (3/5) or even four of six (4/6) correct for you to make a profit. The higher the number of your selection that wins, the bigger your profit. If all your picks are successful, you will bag the maximum potential winning. It is important to note that the minimum number of selections to make to be able to place a system bet with most bookmaker is three and it is best suited for sports with a three-way outcome.

Example of system bet

We are going to illustrate how system bet works with the most basic form of system bet. This is the 2/3 system bet.

Remember, the minimum number of selections for a system bet is three. So, for instance you select three matches from the UEFA Champions League:

  • Atalanta vs Young Boys (You favour Atalanta to win with 1.80 odds)
  • Zenit vs Malmo (Zenit to win with odds of 2.20)
  • Benfica vs Barcelona (You back Barcelona as favourites to win with odds of 1.80)

When you are done selecting and placing your bets, by automation, the system throws up all the possible 2 bet combinations which in this case will most likely look like the following:

  • Combination 2: Atalanta Win (1.90) + Barcelona Win (1.80)
  • Combination 3: Zenit Win (2.20) + Barcelona Win (1.80)

Therefore, if you placed a stake of $10 on each of your bets in the three-bet series, this means that you would have staked $30 in total. From the single bet that won, you will get a return of $42 (1.90 x 2.20 x 10). When you subtract your initial investment of $30, you will be left with $12 as your profit.

Suggested Bookies for a System-Bet

The table below will give you an idea of bets combinations and bets work when using system bet:

System Bet  Number of bets made
2 of 3                     3
2 of 4                     6
3 of 4                     4
2 of 5                    10
3 of 5                    10
4 of 5                     5
2 of 7                    21
3 of 7                    35
Example of system bet

How to place a system bet?

  • Log into your betting account
  • Find the sports you are most comfortable with
  • Select the events you will like to bet on
  • In the bet slip section, select system bet
  • Place your bet

Types of system bets

There are different types of system bets and so many you can choose to adopt. These include Trixie, Heinz, Lucky bet, Yankee bet, Patent bet, Goliath and many more. However, we strongly recommend that you stick to the most basic form of if you are new to sports betting.

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Important tips for your system bet

With system bet your chances of winning is higher and you may be tempted to go all out. But we have put together a few tips for you to follow:

Should i try a lot of bets?

NO! Keept it simple. Simplicity is key to being a successful when using system bet. Start out with the simplest form before trying more complex types.

High or small stake?

System bet is complex and we strongly advise you to start with a little stake so you don’t suffer a heavy loss. When you make profit, you can add part of it to your waging bankroll.

Which teams should i bet on?

Generally, it is advisable to bet on team you know very well. It is even more important when using system bet. This is to give your self a big chance of winning.

Is system betting for experts?

Hard to answer – but we would say no. System betting can be learned quite fast and is a easy tool to place combination bets in a different way.

Advantages of system bets

  • Higher potential winnings
  • Profit after two right predictions
  • Considerably lower risk than accumulator or multi bets

Disadvantages of system bets

  • It is a bit tasking for beginners
  • Higher investments
  • Winnings may not cover initial stake

System bet summary

System bet offers punters the chance to make more profit by reducing the element of risk. Although it may not be as profitable as the accumulator bet, the chances of winning with this system is significantly higher.

However, as good as it looks, system bet is more suitable to experienced bettors. If you are new to sports betting, we advise that you start out with low stake so you don’t incur heavy losses.

We have done an overview of accumulator betting strategy. Have a look to give yourself a chance of winning your bets.

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