Last Minute Goal is another interesting betting strategy that is becoming very popular among bettors and football enthusiasts. As the name implies, it involves placing a bet that a goal will be scored in the last minute of the match or very late in the tie. This betting option is very popular especially with bookies that have live betting system.

From helping teams avoid relegation, win trophies or qualify for a major tournament, last minute goals entail the intrigues and emotions associated with football. They are very common in various football leagues and competitions across the world. This means with the right information, bettors can take advantage of this feature to win big.

This page provides an explanation of last minute goal strategy with various examples including what to consider when using this option.

Last minute goal strategy

Last minute goal strategy explained

Simply put, placing a last minute goal bet means you are expecting that a goal will be scored in the final minute of normal time, during stoppage time, injury time or extra time.

If you are betting on last minute goals, you are essentially betting on goals that are scored in the closing stages of the game. Goals scored within the final 15 minutes of a football match fall under this category. In this case you place your bet in the latter stages of the game. The odds will change depending on the time remaining and what is happening in the game; the less time remaining, the higher the odds.

Ben Watson’s 91st minute (time 90’+0:09) header which gave Wigan the FA Cup trophy in a 1–0 victory over Manchester City back in 2013 and Aguero’s late goal against QPR, (which gave City the 2012 PL title), are examples of last minute goals.

Last minute goal of Ronaldo

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What to consider for last minute goals

Before adopting this betting strategy, a number of factors must be considered:

Team form and style of play

In terms of team form and style of play, some teams are known to have a slow start in football matches. Such teams don’t perform at optimal level until the second half or much later in the game.

Placing a last minute goal bet on teams that fall in this category presents a higher chance of winning. Also, some teams, based on previous result, know how to come back from a goal down and win a football match.

For instance, in the English Premier League, Manchester United and Liverpool are often able to grind out results, especially last season, after going a goal down. In essence, if these teams are a goal down with just 10 minutes to go, you can back them to score a last minute goal based on previous results and performances. Also, there are teams known for conceding goals in the final stages of a football match. If teams like this are playing, adopting last minute goal betting strategy might come in handy.

What is at stake?

It is also important to consider what is at stake for the teams involved. In this case, don’t pick matches where a draw would suit both teams. If it gets toward the 75th minute of a football match and the scoreline is a draw, consider whether both teams would prefer to draw. If that is the case, then there is unlikely to be a goal in the late stages of the game.

On the other hand, if two teams are drawing with 10 minutes to go and a draw doesn’t pay them, this is your time to strike and place your bet. Take the knock out stage of the World Cup for example. A draw isn’t really an option here as it is a knock-out competition. Hence, if a game is tied or a team is behind in the 80th minute, you will likely see more attacking football to ensure the final outcome isn’t a draw (or doesn’t go to penalties). This is the perfect time to place a last minute goal bet.

In addition, if the underdog or less fancied team is leading, you can place a last minute goal bet in favor of the favorite side. This means the better side would apply more pressure and will most likely get a goal that will overturn the tie in its favor.

Last minute goal Aguero

Player availability / substitutions

Player availability/substitution is another factor to consider. There are several instances of substitutes scoring late goals to hand their team or club side the much needed victory in a football match.

The number of goals that will be scored in a match can sometimes be determined by the availability of some players for the game. There are teams that depend on certain forwards or midfielders for creativity, creation of chances and scoring of goals. If these players start or are brought on later on in a match, it increases the possibility of a late goal. The presence of Ronaldo in a match makes the team he is playing for more likely to score a late goal. Ronaldo headed two late goals to break the men’s international goals record as Portugal snatched a dramatic 2-1 World Cup qualifier victory over Ireland. In this case, placing a last minute goal bet would be viable option, given Ronaldo’s presence on the pitch.

 It is therefore important to look at the probable/actual lineup before placing your last minute goal bets.

Conclusion on Last minute goals strategy

Last minute goal betting is an interesting betting strategy. You have a higher chance of winning if you adopt this strategy for popular teams, knock-out stage of a competition or a major final as teams often put everything on the table to ensure they win the match.

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