Punters are always looking at ways to maximize their investments in different betting events. Many get tempted to go for accas with long shots without necessarily putting a lot of thought into it and these more often than not end up being unsuccessful.

To succeed at this game, you have to understand the logic behind betting odds and how then you can leverage that information to your advantage. This is what we have set out to do here.

How to find the highest betting odds?

Factors That Determine Betting Odds

One of the most critical things that a punter considers before placing a bet is the odds or prices of the betting event/market. These odds tend to shift one way or the other leading up to the game.

Bookmakers calculate and determine betting lines by looking at games from all angles in order to evaluate the most likely probabilities.

Factors that determine betting odds

  • Statistics: This is the most important factor when it comes to assessing sports betting prices. Odds are really about the probabilities of an event/outcome occurring. Once the probability is determined, you can make a decision as to whether or not it is worth a punt.
  • Team form: Teams that have played consistently well over a period of time are likely to have odds drop marginally as bookmakers anticipate them to continue doing so.
  • Injuries/Suspensions: These can significantly affect the odds of teams coming into a given match. Especially when these suspensions or injuries affect some of the leading players. It would therefore be prudent to keep an eye on such reports.
  • Stakes: Bookmakers usually try to balance out the stakes on a given match in order to optimize profits/ minimize losses. Therefore when a lot of stakes go onto a given team, the odds for that team will progressively come down and vice versa.
  • Pay-out rate: The odds displayed never really reflect the actual probabilities of winning or not winning. This is because the bookmaker factors in their profit margin in the odds (also called overrounds). As a result, even the payoff on a win is typically less than if the odds used actual probabilities. Ever heard the expression, “the house always wins”? Now you know why! pay out rates normally range between 92-98% – so the bookies keep 2-8%.

Tips for Finding the Best Odds

Here at Betting-Sites.Africa, we strive to provide you with valuable advice that you can use to enhance your profits while placing bets.

Here are some of the things to consider when looking to get the best odds:

1) Shop For Bookies With Top Odds

This may seem pretty obvious, but it’s still good to mention it. Even though the differences are typically very small, when they are added up they tend to be quite significant. Our review of the best betting sites in Africa can help you figure out most of these bookies with highest odds.

1xbet is one of the bookies that fits into this description. Open an account with them today to enjoy their terrific high odds

2) Use Odds Comparison Tools

There are a number of websites that deal with the business of odds comparison. They bring together most of the leading bookmakers and have live feeds for their odds for all the popular betting markets and more. These can give you a quick glance to see how the bookies compare when it comes to the prices of a market you may be looking to place a bet on.

Odds Comparison Tool

Samba Odds Comparison is one such service provider that enables you to compare the odds for leading bookmakers in Africa. The bookmakers on the Samba Odds Comparison platform are duly licensed in the countries where they operate.

They cover a wide range of top competitions including the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 as well as European club competitions (Champions League and Europa League/ Conference League.

3) Do some Research on the Game Before Looking at the Odds

It’s critical to assess the game(s) you want to bet on BEFORE you look at the relevant odds. If you look at the odds first, they’re likely to push your judgement in a certain direction and therefore you may not be in a good position to make a rational and objective choice. Once you have done the research, you can proceed to look for the markets and prices that offer the best returns / highest odds!

4) Bet on a Sport you Understand

You are likely to find great value and odds when betting on a sport you follow closely and understand. This is because your assessment of the teams and players and other factors that may affect the outcome. This way you will be able to evaluate the best odds for a particular event based on your own understanding of the likely outcomes

5) Consider Strong Favorites

Although most people ignore these because of the relatively low odds, you can still find great value from them especially when you place them in a multibet. A favorite that is very likely to win, even with low odds, can boost the overall betting odds of a multibet.

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Which Bookmakers have the Best Odds?

We have done an assessment of several bookmakers and these are the ones we consistently find to have the best odds and also easy and quick payment processes. Check out our bookmaker reviews in Africa to help make the best choices that suit your needs.

  • 1xBet
  • Betway
  • Melbet
  • Mozzartbet

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It is important to get maximum value whenever you want to place any bet. This is why we have endeavoured to break down the factors at play when it comes to betting odds and how you can go about getting the best prices for your bets!

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