When betting, the odds reflect the implied probability of an outcome happening in a match. From the odds, you can know the potential returns you would get if your bet is successful. It is natural to calculate your potential winnings before placing your bet.

In this article, we explain how to calculate odds for a single bet or acca so that you fully understand how the numbers work for both single and accumulator bets. We also highlight how a bet calculator can help make the work easier.

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How to calculate betting odds profit?

Types of odds

Betting odds are typically presented in the following formats:

  • Fractional
  • Decimal
  • American (moneyline)

These formats are interchangeable, and one odd format can be converted to another format and still represent the same value.

Most bookmakers give you the option to switch between different odds formats on their website so that you use the format you understand best.

Different odds formats 1xbet

1) Calculating Payout from Decimal odds

They are expressed in decimal numbers and represent the amount to be won for every unit currency wagered.

Decimal odds format example

To calculate payout from decimal odds, the formula is:

Payout = stake x decimal odds

Profit = Payout – stake

Example 1:

Stake $10, odds 2.40

Payout = $10 x 2.40

Profit = payout – stake
= $24 – $10
= $14

Example 2:

Stake $25, odds 1.89

Payout = stake x decimal odds
= $25 x 1.89
= $47.25

Profit = payout – stake
= $47.25 – $25
= $22.25

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2) Calculating Payout from Fractional odds

These are also called traditional odds or British odds. They are presented as a fraction, for example 4/1, 25/7, or 2/5. They can also be expressed as a ratio such as three-to-one or eighteen-to-five.

Here are the steps to follow when using fractional odds:

Use the formula: Profit = stake x fractional odd

Profit = stake x (a/b)

Where ‘a’ is the first number in the fraction, ‘b’ is the second number in the fraction

Total payout = Stake + Profit

Example 1:

Stake = $10, odds 5/2

Profit = $10 x (5/2)
= $10 x 2.5
= $25

Total payout = stake + profit
= $10 + $25
= $35

Example 2:

Stake = $50, odds 1/4

Profit = $50 x (1/4)
= 50 x 0.25
= $12.50

Total payout = profit + stake
= $12.50 + $50
= $62.50

3) Calculating payout for single bets

For single bets, the odds represent only one possible outcome for the betting market selected in one event.

Calculating the returns from single odds

Example 1:

Stake $10, odds 1.75

Payout = Stake x single odds
= $10 x 1.75
= $17.50

Profit = payout – stake
= $17.50 – $10
= $7.50

Example 2:

Stake $16.50, odds 3.35

Payout = Stake x single odds
= $16.50 x 3.35
= $55.28

Profit = payout – stake
= $55.28 – $16.50
= $38.78

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4) Calculating accumulator bets

When you combine more than one event into one bet, it becomes a multibet or accumulator. Accumulator odds represent the combined odds for all the single bets in the accumulator. The single bet odds are multiplied with each other to get the combined accumulator odds.

Payout = stake x combined odds

Profit = payout – stake

Example 1:

Stake $20; Single odds: 1.76, 2.25, and 3.18

Payout = stake x combined odds
= $20 x (1.76 x 2.25 x 3.18)
= $20 x 12.59
= $251.85

Profit = payout – stake
= $251.80 – $20
= $231.85

Example 2:

Stake $130; Single odds: 2.05, 1.57, 3.45, 1.23, and 2.65

Payout = stake x combined odds
= $130 x (2.05 x 1.57 x 3.45 x 1.23 x 2.65)
= $130 x 36.18
= $4,703.46

Profit = payout – stake
= $4,703.46 – $130
= $4573.46

Using a Betting Calculator

Rather than struggle with the odds calculation on your own, you can make use of a betting calculator that does the calculations for you instantly. All you have to do is to enter the odds and stake amount and the calculator will show you your potential returns.

Most bookmakers and some betting-related websites usually have a bet calculator that you can use to quickly see your potential returns as you make your betting decisions.

Bet calculator

NOTE: In some countries, such as Kenya and Zambia, there is a betting tax that is levied on the stake amount, winnings, or both. Therefore, when you enter your picks in the bet slip, the calculator outcomes will be less by the tax percentage imposed.

Boosted odds

There are bookmakers that offer boosted odds or enhanced odds on particular events or betting markets. This means that the odds will be significantly higher than the normal range in the market.

For example:

Normal odds: range 2.25 – 2.35
Boosted odds: 3.50

Betway boosted odds

Accumulator bonus/boost

Accumulator bonus is added to you on top of your acca winnings when your bet is successful. The acca bonus is usually a percentage of your winnings. The bonus can be given in an increasing order such that the more selections in your multibet, the higher your acca bonus percentage.

Accumulator boost involves the bookmaker increasing your combined odds for accas during payout for successful accumulator bets. Your combined odds maybe doubled or tripled to give you a much bigger payout.

Accumulator boosts and bonuses are offered by bookmakers in order to encourage customers to engage more in accumulator bets.

Mozzartbet multibet reward

Tips on betting odds

Here are some general tips on calculating betting odds that can be useful to you:

  1. In general, high odds fetch big returns but they also come with increased risk. You need to balance between risk and reward
  2. For accumulators, the more selections you add the higher the combined odds. However, each selection must be successful for you to win the accumulator bet
  3. Bookmakers offer varying odds for the same events and betting markets. By doing some odds comparison, you can find a bookmaker with significantly higher odds for greater returns
  4. Odds are known to change continuously before and during the event. You are likely to get higher odds for pre-match events if you place your bets early
  5. For bets that are close to call, it is advisable to wait for the team news and line-ups so that you can bet accordingly. Factors such as injuries, line-ups, and formations will affect the outcome of a match


Punters need to calculate betting odds so that they know their potential winnings when placing bets. This is usually done by multiplying the odds by the stake amount. The good thing is that you don’t need to do this on your own. Betting sites have bet calculators that automatically calculate the odds and potential winnings when you enter the relevant data. Having a good understanding of betting odds and calculations will give you a chance to enjoy significantly higher returns from your bets.

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