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Betfox Cash-Out Offer

We all know that feeling when your bet has been going strong until now but you lost trust in the remaining selections. Gone are the days when you could not do anything about it. Say hi to Cash Out at Betfox-as usual, Betfox prides itself to deliver you the best Cash Out in Ghana Betting Industry.

Cash out at Betfox now available

This option has created several discussions among punters. While some of them use it as a betting strategy, others like to secure their bets with in-play betting. They like to be in a slow profit and not get annoyed by late goals. Which ever category you fall in, we are glad to announce to you that, Betfox got you covered.

Betfox Cash Out allows you to take an early payout on your bets before they are settled. You will either make a profit or you get a portion of your initial stake back, depending on how your selections are faring at the time of your taking the Cash Out.

With Betfox Cash Out, you stand the chance to:

  • Payout a portion of a bet before it is settled
  • Reduce your risk and collect some winnings if you are concerned about the remaining time in an event, or your selections in your Multi Bet not going your way
  • Honor your massive Acca Bonus also on your Cash Out
  • Cancel your bet before kick-off and receive your full stake back if you had just placed the bet

Cash Out is available for nearly all of your bets at any time. Just check your Open Bets in the My Bet section. When selecting one of your bets, you will see the current Cash Out Offer above the bet details. Click the button twice to confirm your Cash Out and take home what your bet is worth by that time, Easy!!! As you are used to it at Betfox.

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Also when placing a bet on pre-match events, unlike other bookies, you will notice that most of all the times Betfox will offer you the full stake back if you had just placed the bet. You can give it a try by placing a future bet and you will be able to Cash Out your full stake again right after that.

Considering that almost every Bookmaker has a Cash Out Offer, Betfox distinguishes itself by generously honoring your Massive Acca Bonus also on your Cash Out. Upon Cash Out, they let you know how much extra they paid you only because of their Acca Bonus. Give it a try, you will love it!!!

NOTE: Once you choose to accept a cash out, your initial bet is considered settled and closed, and will no longer appear in your Open Bets.

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Betting just got cheaper, simpler and more safer with Betfox. With the introduction of their unique Cash Out Offer, every punter is assured of something from any bet. I personally will recommend it to any serious player to have a taste of it and you will not regret it. I can see Betfox just shot up in the Ghana Betting Industry with this exceptional offer.

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