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Punters like to place accumulators or multi bets for a chance of winning more. But more often than not, one event may likely be the outlier that ultimately truncates a bet, denying the player a chance to win.

That is now a thing of the past, as Accessbet now offers their customers a chance to win their bets with the Accessbet Cut 1 offer, even when one selection or event fails to land as expected.

The Accessbet bet Cut 1 feature is designed to save their customers the heartache of missing out on a payday because one event did not come through as predicted.

Cut 1 feature of Accessbet

Why is Accessbet Cut 1 important?

Losing a bet can be disappointing. Sometimes it can be borderline excruciating when a lot of work and permutations has gone into the accumulator.

The Accessbet Cut 1 feature offers protection for your stake, and it guarantees a profit when one event does not come through.

Essentially, you will not be empty-handed at the expiration of the events on your bet slip provided it is truncated by only one selection.

However, it is important to note that when one event fails to land, your potential winnings will be reduced. Your winnings will be worked out and you are paid what you are due with the remainder of the selections that landed.

The Accessbet Cut 1 feature basically works with Accumulators or Multibet. So, it is safe to say, you can guard your betting investments with the feature so as not to lose your stake. 

How to use Accessbet Cut 1

The Accessbet Cut 1 feature is not available by default. You have to implement when placing a bet. We have done the heavy lifting by highlighting how to use the Accessbet cut one feature below: 

1. Select your number of preferred events. For instance, you select 8 events.

2. Right above the selected events, you will find β€˜Accumulator’ click on the accumulator button.

3. You will find options like 3 to come, 4 to come, 5 to come and more. Select 7 to come option.

4. Scroll down and enter the stake amount in the Total stake field.

5. Tap on the Next button

New customers are in line for more value on their first five deposits with the Accessbet welcome bonus.

Our Verdict

We have all experienced the Ill luck of missing out on a big win because of one odd selection that fails to land against all expectations. In fact, it is a common experience for bettors.

A lot of calculations and permutations goes into an accumulator or Multi bet. Thus, when it does not come home because of a single event, it can be very painful and heart wrenching. However, with the Accessbet cut 1 offer, you can get extra guarantees of winning your accumulators or multi bets.

Therefore, we will be more than happy to recommend this bookie and its cut 1 feature to safeguard your bets and ultimately make some extra cash from your bets. has all the details about the various bookies on the continent.

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