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22bet Toto Football Jackpot

Have you ever heard of 22bet TOTO Football Jackpot? This is among the popular Jackpot operated by 22bet right now. With more than 720 settled winnings so far, our sports analysts have made a clear presentation to help you learn about the notion TOTO Football Jackpot and eventually make an informed decision about this jackpot so that you won’t miss a single draw.

22bet Toto Football Jackpot

The 22bet TOTO Football Jackpot is the hot topic in town now. Do you want to participate in this Jackpot? It is easy. All you need is to be in conformity with existing rules and regulations for this Jackpot. To learn more about the bookmaker read our 22bet review

Get started

In order to participate in this jackpot, every punter must make sure:

  • Have registered with 22bet while having more than 18 years old.
  • Must wager on 14 listed games on the Toto “Football” page(1 for a home win, X for a draw, and 2 for away win).

A match will be void if was interrupted/postponed/delayed or if it started earlier than the closing time for bets of the current Toto Game.

If there are four or more unfinished matches, the drawing betting is ruled void, and all bets are refunded with odds of “1.”

There are 3 strategies available at the 22bet TOTO Football Jackpot, which include a Regular bet, Batch Bet, and Autobet. All strategies allow you to wager with the same minimum stake:

  • πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ Tanzanians can wager with a minimum stake of 1500 TZS
  • πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigerians can wager with a minimum stake of 270 NGN
  • πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ Ghanaiancan wager with a minimum stake of 4.20 GHS

Mind you, 22bet is an international sportsbook hence you can just convert the mentioned minimum stake to your country’s currency.

As most of you are already aware of regular bet (a normal bet), then let us take you through the Batch bet and Autobet.

Batch bet

This is a 22bet TOTO football Jackpot strategy that allows you to create a group of betting slips, meaning several bet slips in one pot to be accepted simultaneously with the following conditions:

  • Batch betting ends 10 minutes before the draw.
  • All slips in batch bet are accepted in specified format only as seen below.


The parameters seen on the sample bet slip above implies:

0.70 – is the stake for this bet slip,

1, 2, 3, … 14 – is the number of games in the draw

(1, 2, Π₯) – refers to the match final outcomes option, which you bet on.

  • A new line mark the beginning of new bet slip as seen below.




NOTE: The bet slips can be prepared ahead of time and then copied and pasted into the text field under the batch bet section.


The word Autobet speaks for itself. This means your bet is automatically placed as long as there is a minimum stake in your account. This is among the efficient Jackpot strategy from the 22bet and this is possible only if:

  • You have set a minimum amount of stake in your TOTO account settings (Remember a minimum amount has been mentioned above)
  • Your account must have sufficient amount per generated betting slips (No limit for generating your slips as long as there enough stake)
  • Autobet TOTO football Jackpot is placed 2 hours before the current draw ends

The calculation of Autobet stake is done by multiplying the number of bet slips by the stake amount per bet slip limited by the total remained balanced in your TOTO account. The Autobet feature will continue to operate until you disable it or all autobets on the chosen number of draws have been placed.

Claim your prize

22bet has arranged several ways of distributing a prize for this TOTO Football Jackpot, that is:

  • Betting pool – a monetary amount obtained in the form of bets for the next Toto-Football drawing.
  • Prize money – a portion of the pool (90 %) that is utilized to pay out wins.

a) First place winner: 10% from Toto Prize Pool (14 scores predicted);

b) Second place winner: 10% from Toto Prize Pool (14 and 13 scores predicted);

c) Third place winner: 10% from Toto Prize Pool (14, 13 and 12 scores predicted);

d) Fourth place winner: 15% from Toto Prize Pool (14, 13, 12 and 11 scores predicted);

e) Fifth place winner: 20% from Toto Prize Pool (14, 13, 12, 11 and 10 scores predicted);

f) Sixth place winner – 35 % from the Toto Prize Pool (14, 13, 12, 11, 10 and 9 scores predicted);

  • Jackpot – a further winning divided among wagers if all 14 matches are anticipated, with the aggregate of these bets being the most likely winner (if you bet more, you win more). It’s based on prior Toto draws when one or more winning purses were not raffled off, i.e. when the best bet accurately predicted fewer than 14 (13, 12, 11, 10, 9) occurrences. The jackpot payout is not raffled off; instead, it grows with each subsequent drawing until one of the bettors correctly predicts all of the outcomes. A betting firm has the power to increase a jackpot using its own cash. This is applicable also if 1 of the event is considered to be cancelled else the following will be considered:

For 2 games that have been canceled winners can expect:

a) 1st winner: 5% from Toto Prize Pool (14 scores predicted)

b) 2nd winner: 10% from Toto Prize Pool (14 and 13 scores predicted)

c) 3rd winner: 15% from Toto Prize Pool (14, 13 and 12 scores predicted)

d) 4th winner: 25% from Toto Prize Pool (14, 13, 12 and 11 scores predicted)

e) 5th winner: 45 percent from Toto Prize Pool (14, 13, 12, 11 and 10 scores predicted

For 3 games that have been canceled winners can expect:

a) 1st winner gets 10% of the Toto Prize Pool (14 scores predicted)

b) 2nd winner receives 15% of the Toto Prize Pool (14 and 13 scores predicted)

c) 3rd winner gets 25% of the Toto Prize Pool (14, 13 and 12 scores predicted)

d) 4th winner gets 50% of the Toto Prize Pool (14, 13, 12 and 11 scores predicted)

  • Void matches jackpot distribution – you receive only 35% if there is only one void match or 20% if there are 2 void matches else the stake is returned back.

Our Final Conclusions

22bet TOTO Football Jackpot has tried to extend the possibility of winning using their 3 best strategies as explained earlier. The best part is their Autobet feature which is the biggest assurance to clients as there is no need to crack your head to find the best selection for your final outcomes. Once the terms and conditions are met then you have a green light to enjoy the 22bet TOTO Football Jackpot.

This campaign is not the only incentive you can get from 22bet. On the contrary, you can still receive a 100% 22bet welcome bonus offer if you choose to be part of the 22bet community today.

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