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1xBet Pick and Bet offer

Get into the game with the ballers to collect different huge prizes by wagering on the NBA games at 1xBet. All the players in this offer have equal chances to claim their win as the winners are picked randomly, so what are you waiting for? Just pick your game and bet to start collecting tickets for the prize draws. There will be two draws for this campaign and there is no limit on how many tickets you can collect, however participants must collect at least 20 tickets to enter into the final superprize draw.

Mind you, the larger the stake, the more tickets you can expect to enter into the draw of this offer. Do you want to get involved now? Then let us get you started by showing you around on how you can take part in this unique promo.

1xBet pick and bet offer

How to participate

  • Open a new account at the 1xbet website or app, then log in. Remember, every new member can leverage the 1xbet first deposit bonus and get 30% extra when you use our Promo Code 1x_202496
  • Visit the pick and bet promotion page and click “TAKE PART” button
  • Go to Sports and wager on NBA matches with a minimum stake
  • For every bet you can be able to collect tickets between 13.04.2023 and 18.06.2023
  • And take part in the Superprize draws on this promotion campaign page

This offer is available in several countries including the following:

  • πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ Ghana (34 GHS Min. Stake)
  • πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria (1394 NGN Min. Stake)
  • πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ Kenya (398 KES Min. Stake)
  • πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ Tanzania (7,036 TZS Min. Stake)
  • πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡² Zambia (53 ZMW Min. Stake) check out theΒ betting sites in ZambiaΒ here!

Ticket prices

All tickets are credited in the client’s account in the form of a bonus. The largest stake amount can unlock 1000 tickets as listed below:

Ticket priceNumber of tickets
34 GHS / 1,394 NGN / 398 KES / 7,039 TZS / 53 ZMW1
57 GHS / 2,323 NGN / 663 KES / 11,731 TZS / 87 ZMW3
113 GHS / 4,646 NGN / 1,325 KES / 23,461 TZS / 174 ZMW10
226 GHS / 9,291 NGN / 2,650 KES / 46,922 TZS / 347 ZMW25
452 GHS / 18,581 NGN / 5,299 KES / 93,844 TZS / 694 ZMW60
678 GHS / 27,872 NGN / 7,948 KES / 140,766 TZS / 1,041 ZMW90
1,130 GHS / 46,452 NGN / 13,246 KES / 234,609 TZS / 1,734 ZMW180
2,260 GHS / 92,904 NGN / 26,491 KES / 469,217 TZS / 3,468 ZMW380
4,520 GHS / 185,807 NGN / 52,982 KES / 938,434 TZS / 6,936 ZMW800
Over 5,085 GHS / 209,033 NGN / 59,605 KES / 1,055,738 TZS / 7,803 ZMW1000

However, there will be bonus points awarded to a specified number of winners as you keep on engaging in this promo. Here are the expected total number bonus points winners:

  • 1,000 bonus points (20 winners)
  • 500 bonus points (30 winners)
  • 200 bonus points (50 winners)
  • 100 bonus points (100 winners)
  • 50 bonus points (150 winners)

Available Prizes

Several prizes will be available to the winners of this campaign during the final date of the draw which is to be held on 20.06.2023. This is a double win draw as the 1st one will be held at 16:00 (3+ UTC) and while the final superprize draw will be at 17:00 (3+ UTC) on the same date.

Below are the expected super prizes, for the winners of this offer:

Winners rankingTotal number of winnersPrize
1st Place1Apple MacBook Pro 16,2” 1TB 2023
2nd Place5Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB
3rd Place10Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 12/256GB
4th Place15Apple Watch Ultra
5th Place25Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Pro

Terms and conditions

  • The offer is valid from 13.04.2023 (15:00 +3 UTC) to 18.06.2023 (23:59 +3 UTC)
  • You must complete the 1xbet registration to engage in this offer
  • It is required to opt in to participate in the bonus offers. Go to account settings > Participation in bonus offers to activate your participation in bonus offers
  • In order to join the Pick and bet offer visit campaign page and press “TAKE PART” button
  • Tickets are credited automatically after you wager your bets on ACCA with at least 1.4 odds and one selection must be wagered on an NBA event
  • Only settled bet can earn you a free ticket
  • You are not limited to total number bets or tickets you wish to collect for the draw
  • A prize draw will be held on 20.06.2023 at 16:00 (+3 UTC) and final draw at 17:00 (+3 UTC) on same date. The final draw is for participants who collected at least 20 tickets
  • It’s a one prize per draw and winners are selected randomly. Prize winners in one draw are not banned from participating in other draws that follow
  • Prizes that claimed as bonus point will be awarded automatically to winning tickets holders within a day of the prize draw
  • The terms of the offer may be changed at any moment without previous notice by 1xBet, who also reserves the right to terminate or renew the offer or to prohibit participation.
  • Offer is only available per account, family, IP address and PC
  • 1xBet reserve the right to reclaim the offer or revoke customer participation in this offer if there is proven engagement of abusive activities
  • Client must confirm their identity by providing supporting document like identification and photograph at any time needed by 1xBet
  • In case of fraud activities 1xBet has the right to close client’s account or freeze remaining balance

Final verdict

This campaign has no bias to the participants hence we advise you to pick the NBA game and wager your bets to earn your Superprize in June this year. Remember to review all the necessary requirements for eligibility for this offer to get away with the Super prize in the final draw on the same date. Keep visiting our news page for more exciting offers from the most popular betting sites in your country.

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