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1XBet’s 1XEuro Offer

As the Europe titans in the world of soccer teams meet in Germany, 1xBet clients’ quest for a fortunes continue in the 1xEuro promotion. This offer is an invitation of each 1xBet client to place a bet during a stunning contest of European Football Championship 2024, whereby each bet counts for a point that can help any client to qualify for winning prizes. The bigger your stake the more tickets can be collected for the 1st prize draw. However, if you can manage to build your dream team then you can make it to the final draw of 1XEuro. With 1xEuro, 1xbet offers bettors the chance to turn their sporting passion into tangible rewards, making each game a step toward personal victory.

1XBet 1XEuro offer

The offer is open to most of African countries and players can wager from any country including:

  • πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ Kenya : minimum stake – 262 KES
  • πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ Ghana : minimum stake – 29 GHS
  • πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria : minimum stake – 2975 NGN
  • πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ώ Tanzania : minimum stake – 5220 TZS

How to participate

  • Sign up for a 1xBet Account via their website/App. On registration enter PROMO CODE 1x_1402861 for your 30% extra 1xBet deposit bonus
  • Go to the promotion campaign page and search for “1XEURO
  • At 1XEuro offer page, Tap the “TAKE PART” button after reviewing the terms and conditions
  • Wager on the European Football Championship 2024 events to get promo tickets and chances to reveal cards
  • Collect football player cards for a guaranteed free bets
  • Earn promotion tickets, create football team and participate in super prize draws

Prize draws

There are 2 draws that can help you win. The 1st one is for any one who managed to collect promotion tickets while the final draw draw is for those who managed to create 1x Team.

Below is the table showing promotional tickets price with respect to your stake (The more tickets is collected the bigger chance is to be picked for 1st draw)

262 KES / 29 GHS / 2975 NGN / 5220 TZS1
655 KES / 74 GHS / 7438 NGN / 13051Β  TZS3
1310 KES / 147 GHS / 14875 NGN / 26101 TZS10
2620 KES / 294 GHS / 29751 NGN / 52202 TZS25
5240 KES / 589 GHS / 59502 NGN / 104404 TZS60
7860 KES / 883 GHS / 89253 NGN / 156606 TZS90
13101 KES / 1472 GHS / 148754 NGN / 261010 TZS160
26201 KES / 2945 GHS / 297509 NGN / 522021 TZS350
52402 KES / 5889 GHS / 595017 NGN / 1044041 TZS800
Over 65503 KES / Over 7361 GHS / Over 743772 NGN / Over 1305051 TZS1000

But in order to enter into the final draw you need to create the 1X Team. This is how you do it, for each qualified bet you get a chances to reveal cards. (One chance to reveal card per bet)

When you reveal a card, you can win:

  • 1 promotional ticket to take part in prize draws
  • 1 football player for your team and 1 promo ticket

A player can either be any of the following:

  • Left Back
  • Right Wingback
  • Center Midfielder
  • Left Forward
  • Right Back
  • Left Midfielder
  • Left Wingback
  • Right Forward
  • Right Midfielder
  • Center Forward
  • Goalkeeper OR
  • A Joker

You can get certain players in phases as listed below:

  • Group stage(from 14.06.2024): Left Back, Right Wingback, Center Midfielder, Left Forward
  • Round of 16(29.06.2024): Right Back, Left Midfielder
  • Quarter-finals (from 05.07.2024): Left Wingback, Right Forward
  • Semi-finals (from 09.07.2024): Right Midfielder, Center Forward
  • Final (from 14.07.2024): Goalkeeper

At any stage if you randomly pick a Joker card then you will automatically admitted to final prize draw


As mentioned earlier there will be 2 prize draws in this offer, which are:

  • 1st prize draw β€” at 15:00 (+3 UTC) on 16.07.2024 as listed below
Total winnersCash prizes (in USD)
Total winnersSuper Prizes
10Apple MacBook Air 15.3” 2023
20Apple iPhone 15 Pro
20Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+
30Samsung Galaxy Flip5
30Apple iPad 10.9β€³ 2022
30Apple Watch Series 9 45mm
50Sony PlayStation 5
60Samsung Galaxy Watch6 44mm
70Apple AirPods Pro 2 headphones
100Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro headphones
Total winnersBonus points
Total winnersFree bets (in USD)
  • Final Super prize draw β€” at 16:00 (+3 UTC) on 16.07.2024
Total winnersCash prize (in USD)
Total winnersSuper prizes
10Apple MacBook Pro 16,2” 2023
20Samsung Galaxy Fold5
20Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra
30Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max
30Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
30Apple iPad Pro 12.9″ 2022
50Apple Watch Ultra 2 49mm
60Apple AirPods Max headphones
70Microsoft Xbox Series X
100Samsung Galaxy Watch6 Classic 47mm
Total winnersBonus points
Total winnersFree bets (in USD)

Note: cash prizes and free bets are credited in the customer’s account currency, according to the current exchange rate.

Terms and conditions

  • Must a 1xBet registered clients aged above 18. Learn how to sign up and login at 1xBet
  • You must accept to participate by clicking the TAKE PART button
  • Offer is valid from from 14:00 (+3 UTC) on 04.06.2024 until 23:59 (+3 UTC) on 14.07.2024
  • Qualified bet must have at least one selection of European Football Championship 2024 match.
  • A single bets must have odds at least 1.5 and ACCA must have at least 2 selections, each at odds of at least 1.2
  • Once bet is settled client can get the Promo tickets and chances to reveal cards
  • No limit to the number of Promo tickets and chances to reveal cards you can get for your bets
  • Free bet is awarded after you reveal all players. One free bet per each stage
  • You will be admitted to the Super prize draw if you reveal all 11 players
  • 1XBet might amend, cancel, resume or refuse participation at anytime without notice
  • In case 1XBet become a victim of fraud then may suspend clients account and freeze all balances in the account

This also includes the 1xBet’s general terms and conditions. Please get more details about them on their website.

Our Verdict

The choice is yours, there are numerous prizes that you can get away with this season of European Championship. Only qualified bets can enter the draw hence familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions. Stake higher to maximize your chances as the winners are being picked randomly in both draws. In order to learn how you can make a deposit for your wager go to 1xBet review, it has all the payment method in use in the country you reside.

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